Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leghari OR Laghari

The Leghari (pronounced Laighari) Baloch tribe is one of the largest amongst Balouch tribes. Though the Balouch do not have a documented history and as such the exact movement of the tribe is not known yet it is established that the tribe has had influence in past centuries in the Sibi, Barkhan and Loralai area of Balochistan.
It is believed that the origin of the Balouch race is from Aleppo and Halab, modern day Syria. According to the famous scholar Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Laghari, the Lagharis came into the region of Hind & Sindh along with the Arab conquerors. He says the word Laghari comes from the word "Yalgar" (mighty wave). Thus he says the Laghari were a fierce fighting tribe of the Arabs. Another documented theory about origin of Leghari tribe by Justice Mir Khuda Bux Marri describes" Leghari tribe as a major clan of Rind Baloch with large of numbers of subclans". He has traced a Family Tree of the Leghari Tribe in his book and has described the Legharis as the second biggest Baloch tribe after Rind who has many sub clans. Third documented proof which gives a clear retrospective picture about origin and settlement of Leghari tribe written by Mr. Farooq Miana, a Siraiki scholar. Mr Miana after doing a little research on Baloch Tribes in Siraiki Wasaib writes that " The Laghari: - The Leghari Baloch tribe is one of the largest of Baloch tribes. The Leghari baloch are pure "Rind Baloch". They are divided into four clans, the Aliani, Haddiani, Bughlani and Haibatani. Their chief resides in Choti Zerin, where they are said to have settled after their return from accompanying with Hamayun, expelling the Ahmadanis who then held the present Laghari country. The Legharis are also found in Dera Ismail Khan and Muzaffargarh but don't owe alligeance to the tribe. The Talpur dynasty of Sindh belonged to this tribe and there still is a considerable population of Laghari tribe in Sindh."
Evidently with such a large force, centuries ago they conquered a large part of what is today Dera Ghazi Khan District and established themselves at Choti Zareen (Lower Choti). The Leghari Tumandars (or Sardars i.e Tribal leaders) ruled a vast territory and collected tax from as far off as Barkhan in Balochistan.